Mariana Cortesão

My name is Mariana,

I consider myself daughter of this Earth and this Sky.

Yogini, vision quester, Sun and Moon dancer, Wind Singer, Water protector, Fire tender, gardener and traveler of the Earth. A pilgrim.

Born in a place where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean: Porto in Portugal. Where I graduated in Sound and Image, in UCP.

Study(ed) and practice(d) Singing, Yoga, Bhakti, Meditation, Drawing, Photography, Languages, Gardening, Community living, Permaculture, Agro-ecology, Eco-feminism, Seed Saving, Bee Keeping, Natural building, Healthy Food/Cooking, Plant Medicine, Native Knowledge, Natural Healing, Ayurveda, Space decor, Contact Improvisation, Dance, Festival Culture, Visionary Art …

Traveled this Planet quite a bit.

Listening, learning, siting around the Fireplace, going up the mountains and doing pilgrimages with Elders and Families of different traditions of this Earth for a wile. Mainly North, Central and South American, European and Indian. I am a sacred pipe carrier and pour Sweat lodges when ever I’m called to do it, since 2012.

I’ve been singing to the Water and Nature elements.

My main connection to music is devotion, my main connection to great spirit is singing.  I’ve recorded tree albums “Roda dos Ventos”, “Temple Tree” and “Aramara ~Voz d’ Agua” ( dedicated to the water ).

Share(d) Bhakti moments/stages/cerimonies/music projects with manny beautiful people.

Since years I’ve also been holding spaces for women circles, Water ceremonies and singing practices.

I’ve done and still do event production, I was co-host and producer at an independent Social/cultural Centre for 9 years in Barcelona.

I have a nomadic Restaurant and a food catering that works in festivals and gatherings since 2007 and a eco-clothing brand with my own designs called “Tartaruga : ancient future earth wear” since 2013.

I did a lot of “seva” cooking for big groups in Gatherings, Ashrams, in Vision quests . Was helping in kitchens of Standing Rock and Kumbhmela.

I speak fluently Portuguese, English, Spanish and Catalan, manage in Fresh and Italian, and I have been learning Hindi.