LUSCO~FUSCO luʃkuˈfuʃku

o anoitecer; crepúsculo; penumbra; meia-luz;  ponto de transição entre sombra e luz; , o amanhecer; madrugada; alvorada; aurora;

// dusk ; dawn; the golden hour; twilight; // atardecer; las horas brujas ;  //

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Lusco~Fusco one of my favorite Portuguese words, that sounds like a sweet Magic Spell, it names the dusk and dawn.

LUSCOFUSCO : Calling the Dawn”. this new songs project~prayer will be my 4th music Album and it will come with an ORACLE deck (a co-creation with Carolina Mandragora ).

LUSCOFUSCO is a piece dedicated to Peace, internal~external, that calls the new Dawn.  A homage to the Sacred Fire, the Sun and Earth Dance. All the songs in LUSCOFUSCO relate, somehow, to this special time + this specific light frequency, that is also present in our dreams, the space between,  the middle path, night~day, shadow~light, life~death~life, dark~light.

As an Independent Artist, I call for your support in order for this project to be self-sustainable. As you probably know, nowadays people rarely buy physical albums and music is mainly distributed by streaming platforms, but the revenues for the artists are very low, even though putting music out there still costs a lot of work, effort and money.  

Once ready, LUSCOFUSCO will be there for you. Hopefully it will get to many people’s, ears and hearts, soothing and harmonising trough, in this humanity transit into the awaited “new time”,  prophetic times that the elders from different traditions have been talking about.

It’s just before the morning light starts to appear in the horizon, that is darker and cooler.

Reaching out to the ones that already know my songs and to all the new people that feel like diving into them

to water the sprouts of this new piece of work to help it grow strong. 

The goal is for the album to be out next Spring 2025.

By donating  you will  get  the Album in advance .

May we witness beautiful dusks and dawns, May we walk in beauty,