“AguaLume”, came to me In a full moon day by the Sea. 

A name, an inspiration, an instruction came to put together the several creative flames of my path in a central place, a Fire place.

Siting up by the Fire place, being with the Water is a school I grew in. Water songs and prayers are part of our Life journey.

I believe that Is in the Balance of these elemental Spirit Forces, Water and Fire, that resides the alquimic force of Life it self. 

The Eternal Present moment of Creation , atl-tlachinolli, AguaLume.

Here are the several flames of this fire, branches of the tree:

   -Music / Songs

   -Singing classes

   -“Tartaruga” the clothing I design since 2013

   -Our food catering service, since 2007

   -Sweatlodges /Temaskal, since 2012

   -Water circles cerimonies

   -Sacred Water Voices

   -Womxn circles



In this shifting and chaleging year of 2020.

In this deep transformational time we are living in.

I strike this Arrow to the centre and launch “AguaLume”.

I launch it here In the artificial-digital world, 

that in a way is “pretending” to take over the natural world and its laws.

I launch it as a call, as a reclaiming toll-box. 

That can, hopefully, help the growth, the remembrance, the creativity and well being 

of the ones that feel the call to this Fire place where the Water stands.

Some moons after, in this new moon time, just before the Solstice:

“AguaLume” is here.

Let’s continue, together, to open a healthy space of Trust, Song, Resilience, Celebration and Love, 

where the respect for the Great Givers of Life can flourish .  

Where Life, the Fire, and the primordial Water Laws are the ones in-charge on this Earth.

Creativity nurtures Creation and creator it self.

AguaLume Logo is a co creation with Carolina Maria “Mandrágora” .

AguaLume webpage its been done with help and dedication of Jaime Abascal “BIGTREE

Breath deep.

Bom caminho,



( Mariana Cortesão )