:: Ancient Future Earth Wear ::

:: the clothing I design.

:: outfit designed to protect, guide and call in your higher self, and let it shine through ::

:: comfortable clothing made with love and dedication  ::

:: using natural colours, selected sustainable fabrics and fancy details  ::

:: using surplus and organic fabrics :: for one of a kind unique pieces ::

:: good for everyday practices and ceremony special occasions ::

:: made to dance, dream and walk your pathway :: blessed be ::

:: made with a spirit touch and a smile, in a sacred site, mostly in a tiny workshop in (unofficial) fair trade conditions ::

:::: turtle, TARTARUGA in portuguese, is a special animal ::::

walks the earth and swims the waters. it is patient, wise and can get really old. by many considered to be the Mother Earth it self and it also represents time, continuity & abundance, TARTARUGA is a lucky sign ::::